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Dangerous Encounter  Kaleidoscope Purple Swirls  Lily Farm Berry Parfait 

Pat x Two  Plum Giant 


Butter Cream Marmalade  Delightful Little Perfection  Donnie Barnes 

High School Cheerleader  Lightening Edge  Lily Farm Secret Liaison 

Raspberry Eyed Perfection  Thelma Pratts  TNT Talley


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GARDEN CLUBS and CHURCH GROUPS: Many consider The Lily Farm to be one of the most unique flower farms to visit in all of the south! If you have never been here before, consider a visit. We promise you will not be disappointed! We have special offers available for your visit to The Lily Farm. Please contact me at (936) 572-1962 or via email at thelilyfarm@gmail.com for more information!

First Time Order SPECIAL: If you are a first time buyer on the internet, we will MATCH in dollar value your ENTIRE first order with selections of our choice that should fit well in your growing area! So, if you order $100 of plants, we'll send you an ADDITIONAL $100 in plants, our choice. Or, order $50 of plants, and we'll match you with $50 of our choice. There is no dollar limit to this offer, so jump right in and grab this superb offer while it is available!

I would like to personally welcome each and every one of my first time visitors to the Lily Farm site.  Please feel free to bounce around this website, as each link offers a lot of information that may make your visit here more enjoyable.

The Lily Farm is one of the largest daylily farms in the United States. One of the unique aspects of the Lily Farm is the fact that we sell seedlings to the general public by the clump during our open house.  Since we have 4 acres of daylilies stretched across 6 acres of land, this is truly a wonderful venture to come out and put a flag beside the daylilies YOU would most like to have.

Bring your family out next season to one of the most unique places to visit in all of the South…The Lily Farm!




The Lily Farm is now CLOSED to the public this season. We would like to thank you for the TREMENDOUS support you showed us this spring. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Also, we will continue shipping online orders, so just send an email with the plants you are looking for to thelilyfarm@gmail.com and we'll take care of you!


We are thrilled to be able to show you our 2017 Spring Introductions for the Lily Farm. We are excited to show you the progress we are making in our lines. We have our first double introduction, "HIGH SCHOOL CHEERLEADER", and a bevy of other beauties ranging from small (DELIGHTFUL LITTLE PERFECTION) to HUGE (DONNIE BARNES), and of course some amazing patterned dips such as "LILY FARM BERRY PARFAIT". These are the most limited introductions we have ever offered at the farm, with no more than 20 of anything available to the public. So don't miss out!!

Be sure to visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/thelilyfarm. We always try and put tutorials on daylilies up on that page as well as pictures of anything new and exciting from the seedling fields!

To say we have some new things for you to see next year would be a HUGE understatement! In the picture above are over 500 new, recently released cultivars from hybridizers like Trimmer, Lambertson, Stamile, Grace, DeVito, Bell, Kinnebrew, Petit and many others that we purchased this fall! It will be a SPECIAL, SPECIAL bloom season in 2017 to be sure!! Come see over 1,000 named cultivars and over 75,000 seedlings, all of which are available for purchase to the public. In addition to that, our perennial nursery was well received locally, and we are adding fruit trees to it this coming spring! So the Lily Farm is expanding in many directions, all through the blessing of God above.

I close by saying this, and I mean this with all my heart and soul. "THANK YOU" to our loyal, loyal customers. You are unwavering in your support of what we are doing here at the Lily Farm, and without your support, we would not have made it to this point. That is simply a fact. Your support has allowed us to try and venture out into new avenues to be able to keep our farm going, and by doing so, we are able to continue to discover new advancements in the flower that we all hold so near and dear to our heart, the daylily. We truly LOVE all of you, and are looking forward to the opportunity to add more friends to our operation here in Center, Texas. We have been blessed here more than we could ever deserve!

Mark and Jill Carpenter

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