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Get all 20 introductions for $1,200.a savings of $810. This will include a DOUBLE FAN of LILY FARM GRAPE APE.


Pick out ANY 6 for $500. LILY FARM GRAPE APE will be a single fan if chosen for this collection offer. AND you will also receive an ADDITIONAL BONUS from this collection picked out by me if you choose this special offer!! But hurry, as MANY PLANTS LISTED BELOW ARE very limited. Most have less than 20 double fans!!


Lily Farm Grape Ape  Renaissance Princess  Amusement Park 

Elegance and Harmony  Spiderman's Cloak  Kaleidoscope Tarot Card 

Rose Scepter  Lily Farm Chameleon 


Blue Armor  Brazilian Flamingo  Sassy Rassy 

Fantasy and Dreams  Celebrating the Tigers  Lily Farm Artwork 

Lily Farm Battle Axe  Lily Farm Cotton Candy  Piney Woods Blueberry Festival

Princess Crown  Giant Canary  Virginia's Glimpse of Heaven


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GARDEN CLUBS and CHURCH GROUPS: Many consider The Lily Farm to be one of the most unique flower farms to visit in all of the south! If you have never been here before, consider a visit. We promise you will not be disappointed! We have special offers available for your visit to The Lily Farm. Please contact me at (936) 572-1962 or via email at thelilyfarm@gmail.com for more information!

First Time Order SPECIAL: When you order $50 of daylilies from The Lily Farm, we will give you an additional $50 of daylilies of your choice for FREE! This is valid for first time orders to the Lily Farm only! Offer not valid for any single cultivar $50 or more. Please be sure to send us substitutions when you order in case we are sold out of your original picks. This offer is valid for internet orders only, and for first time buyers only please. E-mail me if you are interested in this program.

I would like to personally welcome each and every one of my first time visitors to the Lily Farm site.  Please feel free to bounce around this website, as each link offers a lot of information that may make your visit here more enjoyable.

The Lily Farm is one of the largest daylily farms in the United States. One of the unique aspects of the Lily Farm is the fact that we sell seedlings to the general public by the clump during our open house.  Since we have 4 acres of daylilies stretched across 6 acres of land, this is truly a wonderful venture to come out and put a flag beside the daylilies YOU would most like to have.

Bring your family out next season to one of the most unique places to visit in all of the South…The Lily Farm!





We are thrilled to be able to show you our 2016 Spring Introductions for the Lily Farm. This is my second set of introductions, and I am excited to show you the progress we are making in our lines. The line up of purple tets is extraordinary in my view, with color that will take your breath away. And the dips are jaw dropping pretty as always! Here's hoping you find something you will love!

Be sure to visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/thelilyfarm. We will be putting up daylily instructional videos this spring and bloom season, from the very basics to hybridizing in the greenhouse and more! Hopefully we can answer many questions you may have about our wonderful flower. Also, we post special Seedling sales when bloom season starts up around Mother's Day. Check back often both here and on FB so you won't miss a thing!

Next, we are very excited to let you know we are expanding our daylily farm operation by adding in a small nursery! This spring, the Lily Farm will be adding a variety of items including shrubs/trees/roses/hibiscus/iris/etc to our farm. With this addition, the farm will open to the public much earlier than normal! Be sure to check here and our FB page for updates on this exciting news!

Last, I want to say "Thank You" to our loyal customers. We are humbled by the extraordinary loyalty you have shown us. Your support has enabled us to continue the legacy of the Lily Farm, and we hope by God's grace we will be able to continue for many more years serving you. If you have never visited the farm before, please consider dropping by. It will be a trip you will be glad you made! God bless you all!

Mark and Jill Carpenter

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